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In potting and encapsulating, two-part adhesives serve a wide range of purposes and can be used for environmental isolation, thermal management, security, retard flame, anchor components, and other considerations. Our applications department gives careful consideration to the adhesive properties as well as the specific application, taking into account such things as, shot size and required accuracy, shot rate, volume used, portability, floor space, budget, etc. Abrasive index, viscosity, mix ratio, type and property of fillers in the adhesive all are important factors in the potting system design.

Accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and our dedicated service staff will provide you with the tools and support needed in today's manufacturing environment. With hundreds of adhesive chemistries on the market, specific application knowledge can be the difference between the success and failure of your project. Contact us for selection assistance.



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The DXBG bench top adhesive dispensing system is ideal for use with epoxy, silicone, urethane and acrylic for applications such as potting, molding prototype work and sealing.


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The AC125 adhesive dispensing system is a piston meter mix machine designed for low to mid volume potting and encapsulating applications. This adhesive dispensing system combines manual operation with the same high quality components used in more automated Ashby Cross adhesive dispensing systems to achieve the relatively low entry cost. May be ordered with manual or automatic drip-free static mixer dispense valve. Accurately dispenses epoxy, urethane, and silicone. Ratio accuracy ± 1% by volume. Method of operation is primarily pneumatic.

1125 Variable Ratio with IDS

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1125 Variable Ratio IDS adhesive dispensing system is a PLC based adhesive dispenser with touch screen interface. It is a piston and cylinder meter mix machine used for light or mid volume production potting applications. The dispenser is used for epoxy dispensing as well as urethane and silicone with ratios from 1:1 to 10:1 by volume. This meter mix machine can handle unfilled or filled abrasive chemistry. The machine is capable of shot sizes from 0.3 cc to 160 cc (ratio dependent). A wide range of options such as vacuum degas, heating and various tank sizes are available.

The IDS based 1125 VR is a menu based meter, mix that includes standard features such as five slots for storing different shot sizes, a pot life (anti-gel) timer, machine based shot control via digital encoder, cycle counters and cycle set points for process information and preventative maintenance. The standard Statomix® static mixer is used.

1125 Variable Ratio

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1125 Variable Ratio adhesive dispensing system is a piston and cylinder meter mix machine used for mid volume production potting applications. The dispenser is used for epoxy dispensing as well as urethane and silicone with ratios from 1:1 to 6:1 by volume. This meter mix machine can handle unfilled or filled abrasive chemistry. A wide range of options such as vacuum degas and shot control are available. Standard Statomix® static mixers are used.


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AC200 Adhesive Cartridge Dispenser eliminates operator fatigue.
Transform any dual cartridge adhesive dispensing application into a bench top mounted system. The basic system is mounted on a frame and includes pneumatic dispense gun, dispense/recharge controls, pressure gauge and regulator. The unit is foot pedal actuated. Drip-free dispensing and accurate shot control is achieved using a disposable punch valve located at the mixer tip. Options such as timers and digital shot control are available. The system will process any material packaged in dual barrel cartridges and uses Statomix® static mixers.

2500DA with Drive Assist

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2500 Double Acting with Drive Assistpiston, meter - mix system with Drive Assist is used for production potting and encapsulating where medium to high production throughput is needed. The system will process materials such as epoxy, urethane, and silicone with 1:1 to 20:1 ratio by volume either filled or unfilled. The in-line configuration of the metering cylinders allows processing materials with wide viscosity difference without affecting the accuracy of the ratio. Hardened cylinders and rotary valves along with wear-resistant seals provide prolonged life with abrasive materials. Statomix® Static mixer valves may be stationary or hand-held.
Vacuum Potting

Vacuum Potting

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Vacuum Potting - Integrating a vacuum chamber with the Ashby Cross meter, mix system provides an excellent method to encapsulate or pot electronic circuits in a controlled atmosphere. Several steps are taken to ensure air-free potting compound. Click on the link to learn more.


2500 Single Acting, piston meter-mix system for production potting with material that may have high concentration of fillers that fall out of suspension. This system is used to process epoxy, urethane, silicone, and acrylics. Ratios from 1:1 to 20:1 may be processed. Wetted components are designed with abrasion resistant surfaces to provide longevity and accurate, repeatable operation. Standard Statomix® static mixers are used.

GP80 Meter Mix System

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GP80 Meter Mix System - GP80 Bench-top meter, mix, dispense system designed for open mold pouring of urethane materials. May be configured with air drying system to eliminate moisture related problems with the urethane. Available with Statomix® static mix valve or the DYNA-STAT® dynamic, solvent-free valve.


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DYNA-STAT® Dynamic Mix/Dispense Head is a variable speed, servo controlled, dynamic mix/dispense head with disposable mix chambers. This unit provides the high shear mixing needed for optically clear applications. It combines dynamic mixing with disposable mix chambers, eliminating the need for solvent flushing. Other valves available.
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