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HTC Machine vs Double-Acting & Single-Acting

Typical Double Acting Design Typical Double Acting Desing

In Double-Acting flow the piston rod is wetted by the adhesive creating potential wear problems with abrasive materials. The design provides continuous on-demand flow.

Typical Single Acting Design Typical Single Acting Design

In Single-Acting flow the piston rod is dry providing longer seal life, less maintenance, etc. However this design has a recharge cycle during which there is no flow.

HTC design HTC Machine

As the system travels to the left the metering cylinders on the right recharge and the metering cylinders on the left dispense. When the system reaches the limit the Flow Control Valves rotate 90 degrees, the cylinders on the left recharge and the cyinders on the right dispense. Continuous flow without the recharge cycle.

The HTC machine combines double-acting flow with single-acting design reducing component wear.


  • Potting
  • Molding
  • Prototype Work
  • Sealing

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